Goals 2010

Monday, January 04, 2010
I've been wondering if I should do a goal post for this blog or not. One thing I hadn't considered when I decided to use this template was my goals, and where I'd stuff 'em. With my previous template, I had a sidebar in which to stuff 'em. I suppose I could stuff 'em in one of the three columns down below, but that'll likely mean rearranging things.

And then there's the goals themselves. I typically write a post rehearsing the previous year's goals, noting where I succeeded and where I failed, and I usually failed more often than succeeded. This year there shall be no rehearsal of last year's goals. I failed miserably. Enough said.

Ah, what the hell. I must be insane. Here's some dumbass goals:

  1. Find a job.
    Goal: A–S–A–fucking–P!
    Yeah, employment would be nice.

  2. Lose weight.
    Goal: 150-159 lbs (68,0-72,1 kgs).
    This might actually happen . . . sometime during the next century! Of course, it would help if I actually did something to make it happen.

  3. Write.
    Goal: 250,000 words.
    At my writing blog, I've detailed a plan to help me achieve this with as little fuss as possible.

  4. Mythology course.
    Goal: Start it; finish it.
    Tried this last year; failed like a son-of-a-bitch, too. Don't like failing. I'm better than that. Don't like making excuses about it, either.

  5. Read.
    Goal: 30-40 books
    At least 20-27 must be fiction. The rest can be anything, fiction or non-fiction.

  6. Learn Portuguese.
    Goal: Start and finish Hugo Portuguese course
    If the past is any indicator, I'll probably do as well at this as at losing weight. Don't hold your breath on this one, though.

  7. Life Goals.
    Goal: Accomplish one item
    I need to review — and perhaps re-post — these. I know I've accomplished at least one of the items.

  8. Folding bicycle.
    Goal: Buy one. This year.
    Once I have a job, of course.

  9. Buy a new MacBook.
    Goal: Also this year.
    Also dependent on the job situation, obviously.

  10. Manual typewriter.
    Goal: This year, of course. This typewriter.
    Also dependent on the job situation, obviously.

  11. 4 x 6 Index Card Cabinet.
    Goal: This year, dammit! Only one, though.
    Or not. I'm not sure, but I thought I'd include this. I've actually come up with a different option that would cost probably as much as the cabinet, or possibly less.

  12. Metal bulletin board for the office.
    Goal: Eight 12" x 12" tiles.
    I'd like to mount them to the outermost door of my office closet. I've recently come up with a vision of how to further modify my office to better accommodate my writing aspirations, and it includes something like this (as well as that card cabinet above).

So, yeah. Now I've got to figure out how the hell to incorporate these into the 'dashboard' below. That should be fun . . . and interesting, too!

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monstro said...

A partir de agora, todos os meus comentários neste blog passam a ser escritos em português. Não me interessa se usas o Google Translator, o dicionário ou a memória para saber o que está aqui escrito. Além disso, espero respostas em português. Não me importo se tiverem erros ou se disseres disparates, o importante é fazer passar a mensagem. Sim? :)

g d townshende said...

Sim, eu concordo. Eu escreverei todas as minhas respostas em português. (Eu utilizei o meu dicionário de português, o meu livro de verbos dos portugueses, a tua reposta, e o Google Translator para escrever a esta reposta.)

monstro said...

Muito bem! :D Estamos no bom caminho. ;)

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Goals 2010

  • Find a Job
    date hired: —

  • Lose Weight
    GOAL: 150-159 lbs (68,0 – 72,1 kgs)
    current weight: 192 lbs (87,0 kgs)

  • Write 250,000 words
    53,177 | 21.27% compl.

  • Mythology Course
    date started: Mar 31
    date completed: —

  • Read 30-40 books
    — 20-27 must be fiction —
    11 — fiction
    7 — non-fiction
    18 — TOTAL READ

  • Learn Portuguese
    Complete Hugo Portuguese course
    date started: —
    date completed: —
    vocabulary words: —
    verbs: —

  • Life Goals
    goal achieved: —

  • Folding Bicycle
    Dahon JetStream P8
    date purchased: —

  • MacBook Pro
    13" 2.26GHz MacBook Pro
    date purchased: —

  • Manual Typewriter
    Corona Sterling/Silent of 1940s
    date purchased: —

  • 4 x 6 Index Card Cabinet
    date purchased: —

  • Metal Bulletin Board
    8 Umbra 12" x 12" Tiles
    date purchased: —

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