Sunday, October 25, 2009
It would appear that my blog template frustration has been abated. I have found a template that is . . .

  • obedient to my every command,
  • appears to have no problems (miracle of miracles), and
  • is a template with which I can live (although there is one minor item I'd like to fix; I've got to figure out where the problem lies first, however).
Amazing, isn't it?

[EDIT: That one minor item? It's been fixed. Life is good. :P ]

2 comment(s):

monstro said...

That's great news. Nothing like finding the perfect answer to one's problem, heh? :D

g d townshende said...

The new template, which I gave you a peek at earlier today, is fabulous. No problems whatsoever. Too bad the other templates weren't as easy to work with.

It doesn't matter what template I use, I'm always going to want to modify it in some fashion, and not just adding links, or a blogroll, or a list of recent posts. I'm talking simple and minor code modifications. I'm a tinkerer, and if my tinkering around and doing things I know aren't harmful either doesn't work or creates other problems, then I'm dealing with a template that either:

• was designed by a control-freak and they set up their code to prevent others from messing with their precious creation (if that's your attitude, then don't make your template public), or
• was designed by an idiot-fuck, in which case it probably means that it . . .
• uses code that isn't up to snuff and is therefore completely worthless.

Unfortunately, some of the problems I've encountered were probably not the fault of the template designer(s). More likely, they were problems created when the templates were ported to Blogger format. Most custom templates are not designed with Blogger in mind. They are designed for use with TypePad or WordPress or some other blogging platform (like MovableType) that is intended for commercial use. So, high-quality, attractive templates are designed for commercial purposes, and the hell with the rest of us. If they get ported over for our use, then we just have to deal with the problems that are inherent in the translation.

If I was so inclined, I could see myself designing templates exclusively for Blogger, and then asking those who use the templates to make a small donation as appreciation/compensation for my work. I probably wouldn't make very much money, but I think it could conceivably bring in a small sum.

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