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Friday, October 23, 2009
I've tried the "gadget" for Recent Posts found in Blogger's gallery of gadgets, but I didn't care for how it looked. For the list that it automatically generated, that gadget completely overrode the typography specifications embedded in this new template. I like my blogs to have a consistent appearance to them. This meant some customization if I was to have that list. It also means manual updates to keep that feature current. I'm willing to give it a shot, to see how well it works.

I added this feature because I want to limit the number of posts displayed on this front page to either one or three. My inclination at the moment, given the length of my posts, is to keep it to one; I definitely would be interested in my readers' opinions on this, however. Having a list of the recent posts available, which I'm thinking of limiting to five or ten — your opinion would be welcome on that point, too — allows you to see if you've missed anything and gives you a readily available link without having to scroll down to my blog archive. (For reference, the list of recent posts currently numbers seven.)

I believe I can use some features already contained in this template to create a custom "gadget" to do this task automatically, thus preventing my having to update the list manually each time a new post is written. A little research to learn how to do this will be necessary, obviously.

EDIT: I've edited the settings so that only the most recent blog post is displayed. I'm curious what readers of this blog think of this.

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monstro said...

As long as the list of the recent posts is easily available (as it is right now, thanks!), fine by me. :) Otherwise, I'll always be clicking on the link to Older Posts to find out whether or not I've missed something. :)

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