Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Acolytes is an Aussie film. It won Best Horror Film at the Austin FantasticFest in 2008 and it won the Midnight Madness award at the Toronto International Film Festival in the same year. The blurb on the DVD case reads (no spoilers in the blurb, by the way):

AcolytesFollowing the disappearance of a young female classmate, shy high-schooler Mark stumbles upon a fresh grave in the woods of his peaceful suburb, and spies a 4WD driving away from the scene.

With the help of two friends — James and his girlfriend Chasely — Mark decides to return to the scene to dig up what they imagine is simply someone's dead pet. Their bit of fun turns perilous, however, when they unearth the body of a Canadian backpacker. They embark upon a hunt for the identity of eht killer (played with frightening realism by Joel Edgerton), and James soon realizes that their grim discovery could help them exact revenge upon Gary Parker (Michael Dorman), a brutal bully who robbed them of their innocence years before and who was recently released from prison.

ACOLYTES quickly turns into a sinister tale of deception and betrayal as the three teens find themselves in over their heads, trying to outwit a serial killer as he turns the tables on them and lures them into his violent world.

Not a bad film. Not a great film, either, I'm afraid. Like many British films, this Aussie movie lacks the often over-done polish that is the trademark of Hollywood, and that's a good thing, I think. It lends more realism to the movie, in my opinion.

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